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What is Hypnosis?

Have you ever driven somewhere and then realized you zoned out or drove there on autopilot?  Have you ever been so caught up in a movie you couldn't pull yourself away and felt emotionally connected to the film and the characters?  Then you've experienced a form of trance, something very similar to the hypnotic state.  Hypnosis takes place when both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind come together. It is not being asleep and neither is it being in a state of wakefulness. It is somewhere in between.

Therapeutic Hypnosis is Behavior Modification Counseling that provides a powerful and effective means of creating permanent lifestyle changes, allowing you to attract what you need and hope for in your life. 

It is allowing the mind and body to communicate in harmony making it easier to make the desired changes and releasing any negative, hurtful, painful feelings, memories, or habits in a healthy and safe way.

Your 1st visit consists of a cognitive discussion of your present therapeutic needs, a description of how and why hypnosis works, an analysis of your personality type, and suggestibility to best tailor the session to you. Chase will create a personal program for you to reach your desired goals.

Phone: 775-848-9892


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