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What clients have to say:

“Hypnotherapy has changed my life. I am a smart, motivated person who's extremely aware of the challenges I face in my life - I've used psychiatry, talk therapy, medication and meditation to better myself, but nothing has given me the immediate and lasting results that my hypnotherapy sessions with Chase McKenna have. There's nothing scary or sinister about being "hypnotized"; Chase simply assists you in achieving a relaxed state and then works with you to allow your subconscious to change its negative programming and strengthen all the best parts of you that are eager to start improving your life. I expect to work hard to see results, but that's not the case with hypnotherapy. My results have been immediate and apparent, not just to me but to my friends and family. I finally feel more of who I know I am: strong and capable and confident and positive and able to enjoy every aspect of my life, and to face challenges calmly and keep things in perspective. Chase has a gift. Go to her. She can help you.” –Cynthia B.

“This was my very first time in hypnotherapy and Chase made me feel at ease and explained everything  very well.  I saw an improvement in my skills that she helped me with the very next day.  She analyzed my handwriting and everything she said was true.   I could notice she is a very honest, genuine person willing to help people with their needs.   Im a looking forward to getting more  therapy in other areas of my life.” – Janell E.

“I would like to thank Chase McKenna for being an amazing help in aiding me in removing the writer’s block which hindered my ability to pursue my writing. Up and till then, I held out on my passion for writing which I found out was due to the fear of failure. I’ve been on a writing fever and cranked out some great things. Thank you Chase McKenna for helping me pursue my passion after struggling for nearly 10 years!! Life hums a different tune now.”   -Ahmed. K.

“I’ve had several sessions with Chase McKenna, and can’t say enough good things about her.  She’s warm, professional, insightful, and very knowledgeable.  Her deep understanding of what makes us tick, what makes us feel less-than, and what can return us to a place of personal power is vast, and she applies that understanding with an intuitive skill that cuts right to the heart of what each of us needs.  She has helped me deal with my anxiety, and feel better about myself in some very basic ways.  I would send anyone I love to Chase.  She’s fantastic!” -Lise

“Everyone says your wedding day is going to be stressful but I hadn’t expected to feel so exhausted and frazzled by the time we got to the ceremony (it was an evening wedding). I was so blessed to have Chase guide me through a session before I took my vows. In what seemed like a blink of an eye my stress melted away and my exhaustion transformed into being awash in alert, positive energy. My mind was cleared of all the noise and negativity and all I was left with was this extraordinary sense of well-being and connectedness to my (soon to be) husband. I went in to say my vows able to fully enjoy the experience. I never would have put ‘hypnotherapy’ on a bride’s ‘must-have’ check list, but now, it’s the first thing I’d recommend. Before you book your florist, your photographer, your venue…give yourself a gift, and book Chase.”  -Danika B.

“Chase McKenna helped me at a time when I thought all was lost, I felt as though I was stumbling through the dark. She has a natural talent for assessing the root of a problem and determining the best way to help you through it. If only everyone knew what a therapeutic and life changing tool hypnosis can be. I highly recommend Chase McKenna and her hypnosis practice. We should all be so lucky as to receive her help; I know I’m better for it.”  -M. R.

“Chase is absolutely excellent! Being a person that is into yoga, healthy eating and exercise, I decided to visit Chase and begin working on internally cleansing my body and mind. The improvement that I notice daily is incredible and I highly recommend utilizing Chase’s services. I am so happy with how wonderful I feel!!! Thank you, Chase!” -Andrea M.

“Five stars are not enough for Chase McKenna!I have been lucky enough to work with Chase several times and on several areas of my life. I have worked with a few hypnotherapists but none have had the innate skills and intuition that seems so natural to her. In fact, I'll never go to another hypnotherapist again!We started with working on my energy levels, drive, and addiction to tv, and I noticed a difference immediately. (No more hours wasting away my life.) Having had such wonderful sessions I decided to go out of my comfort zone and do a little guided imagery work, wow what an experience! Chase is so good at making you feel at ease and intuitive to what you need that you immediately feel like you're in good hands. I love that it doesn't just seem like she's reading from a script, she's really there with you through your whole journey- listening to what you need and gently guiding you through. Finally, after working with her several times I knew I had found the right person to do a past life regression. I have always had an interest in doing it, and even tried it once, but never found the right person for the job. Chase took me on a life changing past life regression. She was able to work with my over-analytical brain and help me dig deeper than I knew was possible.I can't say enough nice things about Chase McKenna. We all owe it to ourselves to work on improving our lives; and I highly recommend Chase for helping guide you through your transformation. I had no idea how effective hypnosis can be, but you don't need to take my word for it- try it for yourself and see!”  - Maia R.

“Chase is a talented hypnotherapist. Her personal energy is transforming and a joy to be around.” -K. B.

“At this point Chase McKenna has simply done an analysis of my handwriting and she was spot on with everything. She’s a pro and am scheduling my first hypno session with her to help me set a timeline and to focus my goals so I don’t feel so scattered. Based on her insight and work already, I feel confident this year is going to be great.”  -Phillip K.

“Hypnosis is one of the most harmonious ways to achieve ballance between mind, body and spirit. No chemicals, no medications, no surgery, no pain… just finding your true self and Better Living Insight. Enjoy your transformation.” -Zuzanna H.

“This is the 1st time I have lost the weight I desired, maintained my goal weight and felt good about doing it.  Your help made it possible.  Thank you, personally for your detailed attention to my needs.”  - Ken M.

“I’m so grateful to have found Chase McKenna and Better Living Insight. The tools I received help me every day to achieve my goals. I’m a singer and since I saw Chase I am singing better than I ever have, even my voice teacher is amazed at my improvement in a very short time. If you are serious about improving your life and your opportunities, you will be amazed at what you can achieve with help from Chase.”  -Megan F.

“I came to see Chase McKenna somewhat of a last resort, I had already tried individual talk therapy and I wanted something different. I didn't know what to expect with all the misconceptions of hypnosis. My first session was great, she analyzed my handwriting and at the end of the session I was emailed my audio from our session. This is great because I can hear it and process it during the time that I am away from her. Overall, I came to her with a sense of feeling lost, unproductive, confused, lack of motivation, negative, pretty much not like my usual self. In just one session I felt a weight off my shoulders and felt like I was beginning to open up a door of positivity. I have continued to see her and have recommended her to several of my friends. I feel focused, centered and generally more positive. If you want to try something different and get quicker results, I would suggest seeing Chase McKenna. Plus, her voice is very soothing ;)”  - Patty V.


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