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Relationship Coaching

Take a new approach to your marriage, relationship, dating, sex, intimacy, and more with relationship coaching. 

Dr. Chase McKenna, C.Ht., Ph.D. is a certified relationship coach specializing in healthy communication and sexual intimacy. 

Coaching can help to enhance your love life, bring more passion into your relationship, boost your self-confidence, to heal from past wounds, increase your wellbeing, and bring more happiness into your life. 

Relationship Coaching offers guidance, encouragement, support, empowerment, and tools to help you live and love at your full potential. This process helps to overcome relationship challenges, heal from old relationships, re-connect and strengthen a marriage, boost confidence in dating, enrich intimacy, overcome sexual dysfunction, and attract the relationship you desire. 

Coaching options: 

Dating coaching

Relationship coaching

Sex, intimacy, and Tantra Coaching 

Communication Coaching can be used to work with family members, friends, or to improve dynamics and relationships at work. 

Session available via phone, Skype, Facetime, or Zoom

Call today to schedule your coaching session.

Phone: 775-848-9892


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